And this years Christmas craft is...

Every year I like to create something new for Christmas, this year I teamed up with Sofia from @skapamedfargochform and @DuroSweden to create this years Christmas Craft - Wallpaper Christmas Stockings! These are so much fun and easy to make, perfect for giving away a bottle of wine, or hang them up and change them up ever year. They are the perfect craft for both adults and kids, however you may need to give your kids a hand with the sewing... but go crazy, too much is never an option. Regardless of how they turn out, I hope you love the idea as much as we do.

As a bonus, we have created a few fun templates which will keep you busy until Christmas! Templates available in both English and Swedish!



Paper Giftbags new

Quilled Snowflake

Woven Star

Stocking template

Diamond and Christmas star




Gåvopåsar nytt

Quilled Snöflinga


Jul Strumpa

Diamant och julstjärna


How to create your own:

what you need: Wallpaper, Scissors, Template, glue (bonus: glue, glitter, ribbon, anything your heart desires)

  1. Cut out the template or create your own
  2. Cut out out your 2 stocking pieces from the wallpaper (remember to mirror)
  3. Use a needle and thread to sew along the edges
  4. Decorate how you please
  5. Share your results! Don't forget to tag @johannacryer and use the hashtag #tapetjulstrumpa so I can share your amazing creations!